We are mild-mannered authors by night, but by day, we’re sarcastic and snarky celebrity-fashion bloggers. Our site, Go Fug Yourself, takes a barbed look at the ridiculous outfits famous people wear in the name of getting red-carpet coverage — or sometimes, for their “Oh, hi, paparazzi, GEE, I can’t believe you caught me going shopping on Robertson Boulevard” shopping sprees. We call it the online equivalent of sitting around with your girlfriends on a lazy Saturday and passing around the latest issue of Us. It’s grown tremendously in the seven (!) years since we started it; we remember vividly how much it blew our minds to have 1,000 visitors a day, and now, after the Oscars, we got eight million page views in five days alone.

The site is what turned us from friends to writing partners, all because of an inside joke about horrible outfits on movie posters during a (hugely overcaffeinated) 2004 shopping spree, which then took on an unexpected life of its own. Go Fug Yourself has made us better writers, but the best gift of all is that it’s made us even better friends. The opportunities that have come from it — like writing Spoiled, meeting Joe Zee, getting to cover Fashion Week twice a year for New York magazine, or doing post-awards fashion criticism on camera alongside Joan and Melissa Rivers — are things we’d never have enjoyed as much if we’d done them without each other. Not least because whenever we want to remember those surreal and awesome pinch-me moments, all we have to do is look at each other and bug out our eyes, and wave around our hands a little bit. That is word economy right there.

We also published a book based on the blog — filled with all new material, in a fun and beautifully designed (we can say that, because we didn’t do it) awards-show format.

The Fug Awards was our first ever book, and without it and Go Fug Yourself, Spoiled might not have been possible. If you see it anywhere, go give it a quick cuddle hello.